Hi, I’m Rebecca

I’m Rebecca, owner of moon + magnolia. I am a mom of one, a wife, YouTuber, and teacher. Though I live in a typical suburban neighborhood on just over 1/8 acre of land, I’m passionate about scratch-made living, suburban homestead-ish life, and creating a fulfilling, beautiful life at home.

Through moon + magnolia’s offerings, I share ways to expand your skillset and elevate your everyday at home with scratch-made cooking, living, and more–no matter who you are, what you do, or where you live.

Come as you are. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in scratch-made living, there is a space here for you.

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Rebecca Warfield holding jar of sourdough starter

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

reading a book

Listening to

anything from the 90s

i had my first baby at

38 years old

my first concert

led zepplin

favorite food


dream job


where moon + magnolia began

I launched moon + magnolia as a product-based business in 2021 after having my baby. Like many women in our generation, I am educated (I have a Master’s degree in literature). I love to work and be intellectually challenged. Yet I also wanted to be home with my baby. So I designed a few handmade products and launched an online store in hopes that I could stay home but also build a career.

In time, it became apparent that the products I was selling–coffee art stencils and other functional aesthetic goods–were a just one part of what I want to share with women and mamas try to make the most out of their time at home. Deeper than the products themselves, what I wanted to share was that a simplified, self-made life at home is attainable. As such, I expanded my offerings to include blogs, recipes, videos, and products–all with the intent of elevating the everyday, from scratch, and at home.

why the name moon + magnolia?

“Moon” is a family name, passed down to my daughter, Piper Moon. And “Magnolia” pays homage to the beautiful magnolia trees here in North Carolina.